Blog Assignment 9 – Final Project – Characters in Movies Reaction to Plot Twists (Supercut)

I finished my final project and uploaded it to youtube.  I did not experience any extreme difficulties while working on the project other than some minor difficulties figuring out the programs I used, which were quicktime and iMovie.  Finding the movies that had clips that fit the criteria and finding the clips in those movies was time consuming but it was manageable.  Overall I think it came out to be a cohesive project and I think it is interesting to see all of those clips together.


Blog Assignment 8 Final Project

For my final project I still want to focus on twists in movies as I think an interesting creation can be made with that idea.  However I want to go further than the idea of putting pictures on a tumblr of the moment a twist happens.  There were many good ideas suggested to me during the class discussion, two of which stood out from the rest.  The idea to get pictures of hints for a twist then the actual twist and the idea to have a super cut of movie twists the moment they happen to a character in the film.  First I thought about doing the idea with the clues so I looked up if anyone else had found any clues in movies with twist in them.  I could not really find anything except for a couple of movies that had one or two very subtle hints that were not really relevant to the film and were just objects in the background.  The other idea seems stronger because there are very clear moments in many movies where the main character finds out they are not who they think they are or some big secret existed the whole time.  The emotions of the character are always very distressed and I think there will be many similarities across many films.  To do the supercut I will use iMovie to edit it, quick time to rip the scenes from the movies using the same technique I used to get the Black Swan clips, and youtube to host the finished project.

Blog Assignment 7 Project Idea

The moment that a plot twist is revealed in a film is a very important moment and it is usually the most important part of the film it is included in.  Many movies that are made today rely too much on a plot twist such as many of M. Night Shyamalan’s films and do not contain other interesting plot elements but there are still many plot twists that are used in interesting ways.  Movies that focus around a single plot twist are almost their own genre because of the central idea being the twist and the rest of the movie building up to the twist.  Plot twists are usually a great revelation that the main character has in which they realize their whole life is lie or something along those lines.  Many plot twists are revealed in one short specific moment where all clarity is lost for both the main character and the audience such as in “The Six Sense” and “Shutter Island.”  Plot twists sometimes have a slower reveal and contain dramatic irony in which the audience starts to realize the plot twist before the main character in films like “The Truman Show.”  In that moment the character often goes from being very confident and sure of themselves to being very distressed and confused.  I find that moment very interesting because it is always very shocking and thrilling.  It is an interesting entertainment experience to have the story of a movie completely change suddenly.  That change provokes a lot of thought.  I think it would be very interesting to showcase the moments a plot twist occurs outside of the context of the film.  The best way to do that would be the site tumblr where you can make posts of pictures.  I do not want to spoil any of the movies so I would just post the picture and the title of the film.  To get the pictures I will use the mac program “grab” or another screen grabbing software to get the specific images required for the tumblr.  I will find the movies using the internet and google and go through them using youtube or streaming sites.  It may take some time to find the specific instances in the films but I do not think it will be too difficult.  I think it would be very interesting to see all of the plot twist moments together as many of them share similarities and they all provoke similar feelings.

Blog Assignment 6 Black Swan Reaction


Black Swan (2010)

I found Black Swan to be a very thought provoking and well made film.  There was a very specific emphasis on sound and color in the film.  The progression from light to dark I found very interesting within the movie.  The main character Nina starts out as the white swan because she is innocent and very governed by her mother.  Nina is show in very light colors and she behaves very fearfully while she wants to be perfect.  Then Lily’s character is introduced and she is shown as very fun and daring wearing darker colors because she is the black swan.  Lily represents everything Nina is not which makes Nina jealous and causes her to be paranoid and see things regarding Lily.  Nina wants to be the black swan but she cannot because she cannot escape herself as the white swan until she kills Lily in her mind.  The fact that she believes she killed Lily leads her to finally be able to be the black swan and become darker in color.  Nina killed herself because she was figuratively killing the white swan to become the black swan.  At the end of the play she announces that she has become perfect because her performance was very good.  I found that perfection to be very interesting because the old dancer Beth was shown earlier in the film ending her career with very little grace.  She was trying to hold on to dancing even though she knew she was getting old.  Nina did the exact opposite by never getting old and having one perfect performance that will always be remembered while Beth will be remembered as someone who was good in the past.

Blog Assignment 5 Paperman Screen Grab

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.32.41 PM

The man gazes at the stack of papers.

Paperman is an interesting short film about a man trying to find a woman that he saw at a train then lost and his subsequent journey to find her.  I think this screen shot from the film is incredibly relevant to the story and holds a deeper meaning that is not visible without further analysis.  This picture depicts a very large stack of paper on top of the piece of paper that flew into the woman at the beginning and got her lipstick on it.  That piece of paper with the lipstick on it is extremely important as it is the mans only memento from his meeting with the woman and it is the only thing he has that connects him to her.  This piece of paper also becomes an integral character later in the story and the fact that it is covered with a lot of papers represents business trying to suppress his efforts to find the girl.  The contrast of color was also a very interesting part of this picture as the whole picture is in black and white except for the lipstick on the paper which is bright red.  The point of view of the shot is also important because the way the viewer is placed over the shoulder of the man it puts the viewer almost in his eyes and gives the same perspective of the papers that he would have which increases the audiences ability to relate to the man.  The fact that the main piece of paper has returned to all of the other pieces of paper is also important.  It has returned to its origin but it is different than the others.

Edit: Picture centered and caption added.

Blog Assignment 4 Screen Grabs


I went to the tumblr blog Movies in Frames and I found the content and set up very interesting.  The fact that there were many different contributors created a very diverse range of pictures and an interesting dynamic.  Some of the images seemed like random screen grabs and some seemed to focus on one scene of the movie which I did not like.  Many of the images seemed to focus on one recurring idea or progressing part of a film, which I thought was the best use for the four-screen grab method of presentation.  I typed in a random number in the top so I could see an old page and I got to one with the Forrest Gump image, which I thought was very well done.  In the film Forrest interaction with Jenny is one of his driving forces and his love for her is central to the plot of the film.  The scenes of him with her were very powerful so seeing them together brought back the feeling that came with watching the film.  The fact that the movie Forrest Gump took place over such a large span of time with Forrest and Jenny’s relationship changing over the years worked very well with the four picture medium.  The compartmentalization of those scenes into four pictures starting with Jenny and Forrest as kids then ending in her death provided a singular view into what was spread throughout the film.  That view gave a mini story compared to the large story that Forrest Gump is.  Many of the four picture pieces on the tumblr blog carried no meaning that I could see but this one definitely conveyed a specific idea.     

Blog Assignment 3 Favorite Movies

The Big Lebowski – @Jay: The Big Lebowski is an original comedy with over the top characters and ridiculous events that come together for a hilarious film.


Blue Velvet – @Jay:  David Lynch’s surreal small town thriller Blue Velvet is captivating and mysterious.


Brazil – @Jay: Terry Gilliam’s Brazil contains elements of a dark comedy and a dystopian thriller resulting in an interesting and thought provoking film.

Mystery Team – @Jay:  Youtube comedy group Derrick Comedy’s strange humor translates perfectly into a hysterical feature film with Mystery Team.


Snatch – @Jay:  Guy Ritchie’s Snatch works with the concept that the audience would rather be confused than bored resulting in a riveting crime thriller.